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Communicating in Google Classroom

Being able to effectively communicate in Google Classroom is absolutely essential. We need to encourage connections with our learners in a class and private capacity.

In this video we go over all the different ways in which you can communicate with your learners and how they can communicate with each other in Google Classroom.

Stream Settings in Google Classroom

Changing settings in Classroom for your stream means that you can encourage different types of communication opportunities for your learners based on what it is that you are doing that week. In this video we cover the settings within Google Classroom that focus on understanding these settings.

Creating and Inviting your students to join your Google Classroom

Getting started with Google Classroom? Watch this video to learn how create your first class. Here you will see how to create a class and what the students will see on their side.

Using Bookmarks to Increase Productivity

Bookmarking may seem like a small thing but having an organised bookmarks bar will make it easier to get to your work faster than ever before. You could bookmark different classes that you are running, or lesson plans or even meet links. That way, all you need to do is simply click on the bookmark and you will be there!

Sometimes, saving a couple so seconds a day will amount to a lot of time in the long run.

Create an email template in Gmail

During this time we are sure that you are getting many emails which may potentially require you to send back the same response. Google has a great feature called templates. This gives you the ability to save the body of an email straight into your compose window. All you would need to do is then go and insert that email and send. You only have to set it up once!

Have a look at this video to learn how to enable templates and how to set them up.

Keeping on Task with Google Tasks

Being able to keep track of all the tasks you have is essential. Google Tasks is an app you can download as well as being integrated into the browser.

Use Google Tasks to help you keep on top all all of the things you are juggling.