Hangout Meets Sessions

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Daily Hangouts Sessions on Offer Monday to Friday.

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Upcoming Topics

Mon, Wed, Thurs from 08:30 - 09:30 am

Tuesday Parent Sessions from 15:00 - 16:00 until 7 April

Friday from 2pm (Beginners Sessions)

18 March: S1: Introduction, Discussion and Vision Overview

19 March: S2: Video Conferencing Technical Know How & Classroom Best Practice

20 March: S3: Distance Learning & Google Classroom

23 March: S4: Organising Learning Material with Google Drive

25 March: S5: Speedy Assessments with Google Forms

26 March: S6: Supercharging notes with Google Docs

27 March: S7: The Perfect Canvas for Learning: Google Slides

30 March: S8: Keeping in Touch with Smart Feedback in Classroom and G Suite

1 April: S9: Grading and more with Google Classroom

2 April: S10: Setting up a Classroom Site

3 April: S11: Catering for Different Learning Styles with G Suite and Classroom

3 April: S12: Getting Started with Google for Education (2pm Beginners Session)

6 April: S13: Finding Online Content with Cultural Institute, Google Books and more

8 April: S14: Sparking Curiosity with Project Based Learning and More

9 April: S15: Mastering Interactive Digital Worksheets with Forms, Slides and Docs

14 April: S16: Maths, Science and G Suite (30 min Tuesday Teachers Session)

15 April: S17: G Suite, Classroom and Language Teaching (30 min Session)

16 April: S18: Classcraft & More- Sharing Session

17 April: S19: 2pm Getting Started with Google Beginners Support Forum (30 min Session)

18 April: S20: Calendar, Classroom & Keep- Staying organised (30 min Session)

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