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Session 1: Immediate Strategy Forum Discussion

We had such a great first chat with teachers, IT administrators and EdTech coaches. We weren't able to record the first session but we made a summary doc of the ideas and did a quick video chat summary of the session.

Covid - 19 Daily Hangouts Training Introduction 18 March

Session 1 Slidedeck

Covid19 Daily Meet G Suite Training and Discussion Notes EduOn 18 March 2020

Session 1 Summary

Session 2: Video conferencing Tips with Google Meet

This session was quick overview on some technical how tos with Google Meet, as well as tips and tricks for videoconferencing etiquette. Please note it takes a little while for Hangouts Recordings to be publicly available.

Covid 19 Session 2 Video Conferencing 19 March

Session 2 Slidedeck

Covid-19 EduOn G Suite Training & Support (2020-03-18 at 23:37 GMT-7)

Session 2 Recording

Session 3: Distance Learning & Classroom

Here's a quick demo of some of the features of Google Classroom and some top tips for structuring distance learning.

S3_Covid 19 Hangout_E Learning Management_20 March 2020_Edu

Session 3 Slide deck

Covid-19 EduOn G Suite Training & Support (2020-03-20 at 02:08 GMT-7)

Session 3 Recording

Session 4: Organising Learning With Google Drive

We went over a quick demo of organising files in Google Drive and Classroom. As well as some tricks for working in a shared environment.

S4_Covid 19 Hangout_Collaborative Learning_23 March 2020_Edu

Session 4 Slidedeck

S4 Drive and Collaboration zek-qfkw-hjq (2020-04-01 at 05:05 GMT-7)

Session 4 Recording

Resources Shared During the Session:

Session 5: Speedy Assessments with Google Forms

We started with a quick discussion on assessment in distance learning and then looked at some Forms tips and a demo. Session 5 was a parent session on Tuesday. Please note that Google Forms work best for testing when combined with Locked Mode on managed Chrome Devices. You need Chrome Edu Upgrade licences to do this and our team can assist you with this should you require this functionality.

S6_Covid-19_Hangouts_Speedy Assessment with Google Forms_25 March

Session 5 Slidedeck

Covid-19 S7 Speedy assessments with forms 25 March

Session 5 Recording

Session 6: Supercharging Notes with Google Docs

Google Docs are perfect for sharing information, organising content and more.

S7_Covid-19_Hangouts_Supercharging Notes with Google Docs_26 March

Session 6: Slidedeck

zek-qfkw-hjq (2020-03-27 at 03:29 GMT-7)

Session 6: Recording (Part 1)

S6 Google Docs Demo Part 2 Covid-19 EduOn G Suite Training & Support (2020-03-25 at 23:59 GMT-7)

Session 6: Recording (Part 2)

Session 7: The Perfect Blank Canvas: Google Slides

Google Slides is such a versatile tool for assessment, presentations and more.

S8_Covid-19_Hangouts_ The Perfect Canvas for Learning: Google Slides_27 March

Session 7 Slidedeck

Covid-19 EduOn G Suite Training & Support (2020-03-27 at 02:04 GMT-7)

Session 7 Recording

Session 8: Effective Feedback with Google Classroom and G Suite

Google Classroom is a great place to give learners feedback in new ways.

S9_Covid-19_Hangouts_Keeping in Touch with Effective Feedback in Classroom and G Suite_30 March 2020 Edu

Session 8 Slidedeck

Covid-19 EduOn G Suite Training & Support (2020-03-29 at 23:35 GMT-7)

Session 8 Recording

Session 9: Grading and More with Google Classroom

Google Classroom has fantastic built in gradebooks and reporting functionality for staying on top of assessments.

S9_Covid-19_Hangouts_Grading and more in Google Classroom_1 April 2020 Edu

Session 9: Slidedeck

S9 Grading and more Classroom Covid-19 EduOn G Suite Training & Support (2020-03-31 at 23:34 GMT-7)

Session 9: Recording

Resources Shared During the Session:

Session 10: Setting up a Classroom Site

Google Sites is the perfect tool for digital curriculum content or an information hub.

S10_Covid-19_Hangouts_Setting up a Classroom Site_2 April 2020 Edu

Session 10 Slidedeck

S10 Classroom Site Covid-19 EduOn G Suite Training & Support (2020-04-01 at 23:37 GMT-7)

Session 10 Recording

Session 11: Catering for Different Learning Styles

Catering for different learning styles can happen in so many ways.

S11_Covid-19_Hangouts_Catering for Different Learning Styles with G Suite and Classroom_3 April 2020 Edu

Session 11 Slidedeck

S 11 Learning Styles Covid-19 EduOn G Suite Training & Support (2020-04-03 at 02:07 GMT-7)

Session 11 Recording

Session 12: Getting Started with Google For Education

Getting started with Google for Education can be daunting! We hope the sessions below help you along the road.

S12_Covid-19_Hangouts_Getting started with Google_3 April 2020 Edu

Session 12 Slidedeck

S12 Covid-19 EduOn Getting Started with Google For Education (2020-04-03 at 05:05 GMT-7)

Session 12 Recording

Session 13: Finding Online Resources

Finding good online content can be challenging. Google Arts & Culture, YouTube are just some of the lesson resources that help you create amazing lessons.

S13_Covid-19_Hangouts_Finding Online Resources_3 April 2020 Edu

Session 13 Slidedeck

S13 Finding online resources Covid-19 EduOn G Suite Training & Support (2020-04-05 at 23:32 GMT-7)

Session 13 Recording

Session 14: Sparking Curiosity with Project Based Learning and More

Creating engaging online lessons can happen in so many ways. This session looked at some great project based learning ideas.

S14_Covid 19 Hangout_Sparking Curiousity with Distance Learning_8 April 2020_Edu

Session 14 Slidedeck

Covid-19 EduOn G Suite Training & Support (2020-04-07 at 23:33 GMT-7)

Session 14 Recording

Session 15: Creating Interactive Worksheets with Docs, Forms Slides and More

S14 Sparking Curiousity Covid-19 EduOn G Suite Training & Support (2020-04-08 at 23:37 GMT-7)

Session 15 Recording

Resources Shared During the Session:

Designing interactive learning can be challenging. The site below has some ideas for setting up lessons and creating exciting learning spaces.

Session 16: Maths, Science & G Suite

Interactive Whiteboards, Drawings & More

S15_Covid-19_Hangouts_Maths & Science_14 April 2020 Edu

Session 16 Presentation

S16 Math & Science and G Suite Covid-19 EduOn G Suite Training & Support Math & G Suite (2020-04-14 at 00:30 GMT-7)

Session 16 Recording

Resources Shared During the Session:

There's quite a few whiteboard tools you can use. The best choice is the one you are most comfortable with. Here's a few notes about the differences.

  • Google Keep has an option to insert a Drawing. The Drawing tool in Keep has different pages from grids to rulers etc. This helps with graphing.

  • Jamboard- is a collaborative whiteboard with sticky notes and drawing tools. It's easy to share and have multiple pages as well as to copy and paste images and links to.

  • Chrome Canvas- A drawing tool with different layers and pen types such as charcoal and pencil. The layers help you delete different elements and work over an image.

  • Google Drawings/ Drawings in Docs & Slides- easy image and text integration. You can right math formulas in docs and with the Equatio extension.

  • Autodraw has AI to help you create beautiful drawings and more.

  • There's even a meet extension that creates a whiteboard for you in the video call!

Session 17: Language Arts & Google

For this session we worked on a collaborative Jamboard of ideas, links and images! Check the resource out here.

S17 Language Arts and Google for Education Covid-19 EduOn G Suite Training & Support Languages Support (2020-04-14 at 23:42 GMT-7)

Session 17 Recording

Session 18:

Session 19:

Session 20: