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Session 1: Distance Learning and Parent Support

We have up to 43 people join this call. Thank you to all the parents who took part and joined our session. We hope that you found the discussion empowering and helpful. We will be doing these weekly on Tuesdays.

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Some survival tips from our team:

Create a schedule

  • Create a schedule but don’t be OCD about it

  • Involve your kids in making the schedule so that they feel part of it

  • Snack boxes can help with young and older kids... use your school stomach for teens

  • Harder to get teens involved but if beneficial for them

Get Dressed

  • Don’t forget the basics - even for adults - get dressed, make your bed, brush your teeth

Use your Inside Voice

  • Children may not be used to parents working from home and it’s easy to become frustrated on a call when your children are ...being kids and making a noise

  • Give some guidelines on using your inside voice and being aware of others in the house

  • Remember to you will have to reinforce this regularly

  • For little ones you need to make them aware of when they are allowed to be noisy and when mom or dad need some quiet time - this is a good time to give them a quiet time activity which doesn’t require too much adult input - drawing, tv, lego, play mobil, reading books to their soft toys etc

Vary your child's activities

  • Vary the activities according to age as well

  • Some examples - little kids - making play dough, having a tea party, reading to their dolls/fluffy toys, earbud painting, simple baking, make bath time last longer with toys, put some toys away so that you have a cycle of toys then they won’t get bored as quickly

  • Medium kids - lying on a blanket outside watching clouds, making up stories - everyone gets a line to say, looking through photos, get outside sunshine on your head is important for mental health, baking, general knowledge & board games

  • Teenagers - cooking supper, online exercise class together, board games

Stay in touch

  • Keep in touch with your family & friends - they can offer emotional support to you and your children

  • We’re in this together!

  • Let grandparents read to little ones or have on online tea party

  • COMMUNICATE even in your own household!

Be Kind

  • Psychological studies have shown that an act of kindness towards another person boosts your own feeling of well being

  • Remind children that we need to be more kind and gentle with one another - this counts for parents too!

  • Remember your kids are just as anxious as you are, they have never known a time like this & their worlds have been turned upside down

  • Be aware that some of your children’s friends may be in unhappy homes and it will be more difficult for them during this time.

Session 2: Keeping Pace with your Kids Learning

Organising activities, sharing resources and adapting the pace to your child's needs is no small feat!

This session is packed with tips and demos to get you through.

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P2 Keeping Pace Covid-19 EduOn G Suite Training & Support (2020-03-31 at 06:04 GMT-7)

Session 3: Online Adventures for your kids (and you)

Keeping learners occupied and learning is a challenge. This is session is packed with fun online adventures and sites to explore with your kids.

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