Ask and Answer

  1. Can a Hangouts Meet be recorded?

Yes it can be, Google has released the Enterprise features for schools during this period. You will need to turn the feature on in the Admin console and then you will be able to record the Meet. Contact us, if you are having problems and we can help.

2. How do I get my class to keep the discipline from school in remote online learning?

Get all your learners to mute their mics, and continue to use hand signals like putting up your hand so that you can see who is talking and and who has something to say. Ensure that your learners know that there may be a slight delay, so they need to ask to talk sometimes. If they are shy they can also turn their camera on. Learners can also ask to speak in the chat. You have the power to mute learners as needed as well as remove them from the chat.

3. Having a Hangout Meet is useful but can I take register to see if my students have come to the class?

Create a Google Form that you can send to the group in the Chat of the Meet. You can also get a report from the Admin Console which would be useful as a second way to check, in case one learner forgot to answer the form or wasn't able to get to answer it. You can also get students to check in on the chat. If you record the meet session a transcript of the chat is automatically created.

4. How to I keep motivation up in the class and with the parents?

Ask a fun question that is not based on the content you are presenting. Throw in a joke or your favourite colour and ask them in their homework assignment what joke it was, or what colour is your favourite to ensure your students are actually watching and engaging the students.

Send out work that needs to be covered, with the outline of the of work and deadlines and let the students work at their own pace.

Make sure that you include break times and some creative tasks to keep the learners interested.